Dogging Etiquette

Dogging in Manchester can be a lot of fun, but like most things in the swinging scene, there are rules and etiquette, and as such, we have Dogging etiquette that we need to follow if you’re thinking of participating in this craze.

Personal safety is paramount. Use caution and common sense when meeting strangers on the Internet. Don’t give out any personal information.

Arrange meetings in locales that are away from the eyes of the public, but not so far out of the way that you can’t get aid quickly if you need it.

Be familiar with the meeting location. Make sure there are at least two exits from the area and know where they are.

Protect your identity and privacy by adopting a “swinging name” and creating an alternate persona for dogging.

Females should always bring a male partner or companion to a dogging meet. Make sure it’s someone you trust to protect your interests.

Avoid getting ambushed or mobbed. Don’t announce the exact time and place of a dogging meet on an online bulletin board or forum. Broadcast your interest, then have individuals contact you for specifics on where and when.

Steer clear of seedy areas where activities like prostitution or drug dealing may be taking place.

Secure your valuables (cell phone, wallet, handbag, etc.) in the glove box or lock them up in the boot while you’re occupied. Keep your car keys on your person at all times.

When leaving, drive around a bit or stop for a bite on the way home to make sure you’re not being followed.

If you’re new to Dogging, then follow these tips and you’ll have a great time.

There are a lot of dogging forums that have tons of information, so ask questions. A lot of experienced doggers are willing to be helpful if you’re sincere and polite.

It may take a few tries to find what you’re looking for, so if at first you don’t succeed….

Before you go… Discuss with your partner what you expect and want to happen as well as your limits.

Give accurate directions to the site when arranging meetings. Give an identifier (e.g., the make of your car) if you feel comfortable doing so.

Bring what you need for safe sex and clean up (condoms, lube, wet wipes). Assemble a kit to keep in the car.

Give clear signals. Flash your lights or leave the inside light on to invite voyeurs. Roll the windows down if you want them to get closer or join in.

Show your enthusiasm. The more you get into it, the more your audience will enjoy the show, the more you’ll enjoy performing. Everyone gets off.

Know your limits. If a spectator is getting too pushy, tell them to back off. If you or your partner get uncomfortable and need to end the session, don’t hesitate to pack it in.

End on a high note. Finish up with a bang and when the show is over, let the audience know. Thank them for coming and make your exit.

Keep it clean. Properly dispose of all condoms, tissues, wrappers, etc. when you’re finished.

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