Dogging in Manchester

Despite the cold and wet weather, dogging in Manchester is one of the biggest in the world. Some even say that dogging started in Manchester, then spread to dogging in Birmingham and then Dogging in London. Hundreds of thousands of kinky Uk swingers participate in dogging every year.

We will discuss the Manchester dogging scene and provide you with a listing of popular dogging locations in Manchester.  We try to keep the listing up to date but obviously action by local authorities, land owners and the Police means that changes can occur.

Dogging in Manchester is the birthplace of Dogging in the UKThe vast majority of dogging in Manchester tends to fall into the descriptions of Sex in Car Parks, Public Parks and Beaches – it is no doubt the thrill of possibly being caught that adds to the enjoyment but that is also where doggers and the law can come into conflict.

Most Doggers arrange their meetings through dogging and UK swingers sites and dogging forums on the net that provide the facility to find sexual encounters and organize dogging sessions. But make sure you read the dogging etiquette before you go.

Here is a list of the most popular dogging locations in greater Manchester: