Swingers Party Etiquette

The last few years has seen a huge increase in the number of people swinging. A lot of couples are getting curious about swinging, but are unsure of what to expect when they go to swingers clubs in Manchester. Many newcomers are not aware of the swingers party etiquette that applies in different swinging situations. So we will attempt to set out some of the basic rules and etiquette for swingers parties in Manchester.


When at an on-premise swingers club or house party, try to familiarize yourself with the venue and surroundings and the people at the party and ask the hosts if they have specific swingers party etiquette that they have. You are there to meet other swingers that you like and hopefully have some fun with them. Once you have become familiar with the surroundings and staff members or host/hostess, focus your attention on the party guests. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourselves to other people, even if they seem like they’re in a click. You’ll find them eager to welcome you and to help you blend into their circle.


Some couples will most likely “break the ice” by introducing themselves to you, along with other couples they know. It’s their way of making you feel welcome. Feel free to introduce yourself and your partner and join their conversation.  and you’ll find that You’ll be surprised how friendly people are to new comers, most of them will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the swinging lifestyle.


If it’s your first time to a swingers party, you may get sudden nerves and start having doubts about seeing your partner with someone else. Everyone has their own reasons for their feelings and all feelings are real and should be respected. To avoid embarrassment or hurt, have a quick chat with your partner and confirm that you both still want this to still go ahead. Both of you may be more comfortable after talking to other couples and learning how they handled their first “swinging” experience.


While it’s good to be outgoing, try not to be too loud or “pushy”. Many couples who are new to “swinging” often are turned off and intimidated by loud and obnoxious people, and they will try to avoid you. Try to approach people delicately, as rejection might offend you.

Freshly showered, perfumed, and neatly dressed people make more contacts. Don’t let your personal physical idiosyncrasies stop you from having a good time. No one is perfect [although it is common for new “swingers” to see others as more attractive or more verbal as themselves]. Don’t let your own mind be your worst enemy. Be prepared to handle rejection but don’t take it personally.

It is important to remember that different people have different tastes, and  PERSONAL CHOICE is the right of every swinging couple and to “respect that right” is only common courtesy. Learn how to accept “no thank you” graciously.

There are several variations to “swinging” and it is important that you and your partner have have discussed your limits in advance, those which you like and dislike. Some couples prefer to be alone, while others prefer to be with other couples. Establish your own ground rules, but please decide on them BEFORE you start “swinging”.

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